Tara tucker
  Working Border Collies and Jacob Sheep  

Wagners Friar Tucker CGC NCC TN-N OJC OAJ RE NJP "Tucker"

NADAC (NAC 20/30, TG-N 10/30) ~ AKC (NA 2/3, NAP 1/3, OJP 1/3

Born 08/02/2002 - 08/29/16~ AKC ILP 99959 ~ Retired 2009 ~ due to injuries

About Tucker

Tucker is the brother to Wagners Blue Eye Kia. He is AKC ILPed, and is trained in agility, Rally Obedience and Obedience. He especially loves tennis balls and his Frisbee. Tucker is a hard worker, but also a clown. He loves to be watched, which makes him an awesome Demo dog for agility.

Tucker lived for playing ball, running agility, my Dad and I. I held him today while his body finally was able to release his soul. He is now pain free, playing ball and running agility in Heaven, over the Rainbow Bridge. Our vet clinic is the best. Dr. Nate brought everything outside so Tucker could be in the sunshine, breeze and grass, while I could hold him. Tucker put some very very deep paws on my heart and he will be forever missed. He taught me how to be a team in agility, how to play and to love. He helped me grieve Nattie, since he and Kia came into my life a year after her passing. Run free my best friend, run free. August 2nd, 2002-August 29th, 2016





Titles and Accomplishment

American Kennel Club ILP # 99959

Canine Good Citizen 8/13/2005

NADAC: 2 Gamblers Qs, a 1st place standard Q, and a 2nd place Tunnelers Q -8/21/2005

NADAC: Gambler Q to finish his Novice Gamblers, 2nd place Jumpers Q -10/8/2005

NADAC: 3rd place Touch-n- Go Q, 4th place Tunnelers Q, 1st place Standard Q - 10/9/2005

AKC: FMKC Agility Trial (10/21-23/2005) - 1st place NA Q, 1st place NAJ Q, 2nd place NAJ Q

AKC: FMKC Agility Trial (3/24-26/2006) - 1st place NAJ Q for title, two 2nd place OAJ Qs

AKC: FMKC Agility Trial (5/21-22/2006) - 1st place NA Q

AKC: FMKC Agility Trial (10/22/2006) - 2nd place OAJ Q for his title.

AKC January 4-7, 2007: Tucker earned his Rally Novice Title at the St. Paul Dog Training Club and Land O' Lakes Shows.

AKC: FMKC Agility Trial (3/23 & 3/25/2007) - 1st place NJP Q, 1st place NAP Q, and 2nd place NJP Q.

NADAC: Agilie Canines Trial 7/8/2007 Tucker finished his Novice Tunnelers titles.

2/23-24/2008: Minneapolis Kennel Club: Tucker earned 2/3 legs towards his RA

3/8-3/9/2008: Wright County Kennel Club: Tucker earned his Rally Advanced title & a 1st place 95 leg towards his RE:)

4/5-4/6/2008: FMKC: Tucker finished his Rally Excellent title this weekend with some very interesting runs:)

9/13-9/14/2008: BOTC: Tucker finished his NJP title with a 1st place Qs.

AKC: March 22, 2009: FMKC Agility: Tucker earned his first OJP leg with a 3rd place Q under Judge Jill Roberts.

NADAC: May 16-17, 2009: MNMBC: Tucker finished his NJC title with two first place clean runs under Judge Kristy Pearson.