kia Tara
  Working Border Collies and Jacob Sheep  

Wagners Blue Eye Kia CGC CD RE "Kia"

Born 08/02/2002 - 4/27/2017~ AKC ILP99985 ~ Retired

About Kia

Kia is from my friend's Border Collies. She is non-registered and is AKC ILPed. Kia is trained for rally obedience and obedience. She is a perfectionist when working and has made this interesting in training. She is also the sister to Wagners Friar Tucker

Wagner's Blue Eyed Kia CGC RE CD born 8/2/2002 - 4/27/2017. Kia you taught me so much: always do things on your own terms, always stop and grab a snack, always take a walk about because you may not be able to someday. Even dying was on your terms and you didn't want our help. You will be missed, you have been my companion for 14 years. You picked me out at 6 weeks old, was there when I needed you and always was ready with a twinkle in your eyes. You made me laugh when you would look at me to see if we were going inside and if I didn't catch you looking you would get a bounce in your step and take a walk around the farm. Run free my little friend enjoy meeting up with your brother, Tucker. I know you missed him. Now I know you are at peace.

Titles and Accomplishments

American Kennel Club ILP # 99985

September 21, 2003 Canine Good Citizen Earned

AKC: FMKC Rally Trial (4/8- 4/9 2006) 3rd place RN Q with a 96 and Sunday Q with a 91!!

AKC: St. Croix Valley KC (8/26-8/27) Kia earned her RN title Q on Saturday with a 94 and on Sunday earned her first RA Q with a 84!!

AKC: January 4-7, 2007: Kia finished her Rally Advanced title at the Land O' Lakes show and earned her first two CD legs at the St. Paul Dog Training Club and Land O' Lakes!!

2/23-24/2008: Minneapolis Kennel Club: Kia finished her CD with a 3rd place 182:)

3/8-3/9/2008: Wright County Kennel Club: Kia earned a leg towards her RE:)

4/5-4/6/2008: FMKC: Kia started her Rally career at FM and finished her Rally Excellent title here:)