Working Border Collies and Jacob Sheep  

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We are a small farm located on a 10 acres in Northeastern North Dakota.  We are involved in herding (AHBA and soon AKC), agility (AKC and NADAC), rally obedience (AKC), and obedience (AKC).  We rescue occasionally and foster Border Collies as needed.  All of our dogs are a part of our family and are involved in lots of activities. Likewise, I was the Versatility Chairperson for the Border Collie Society of America.  I enjoyed the position and have learned a lot.  I also support the American Border Collie Association as a Lifetime member and I have been a Basic Agility or Obedience / Rally Obedience and Canine Good Citizen instructor for the Grand Forks Kennel Club since they formed (2004).  I love teaching basic agility and rally obedience and watching the teams develop from the first day to the last day of classes.  I do private and group lessons in agility and obedience, as needed. 

Our working dogs work sheep, pygmy goats & ducks.  I believe in breeding Border Collies for instinct, health, brains, and personality.  I fell in love with the Border Collie as a working dog in 1993 when I was watching a sheepdog demo at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.  Since then I have always wanted to be a part of a well working team.  I have that with my dogs. 

I got involved with Border Collies through my first dog in 1993.  I rescued Cria from a Humane Society when she was six to eight weeks old.  I named her Summer Eclipse after the eclipse I saw for the first time that summer. I was told she was a husky x terrier cross, but every trainer told me she was probably a Border Collie or Border Collie cross.  The family requirement to caring for a dog was manners. So we went to puppy kindergarten and beginner obedience and became hooked. She excelled and enjoyed the challenge and I enjoyed teaching her - so we continued.

We went through intermediate and novice competition classes too. We were not interested in competing because no one told us we could. Unfortunately, she passed away at three.

For these last years I have been determined to raise and train Border Collies in her honor and preserve their working intelligence. I strive for Border Collies that can excel at any task and we expect that from ours ~ Hence Eclipse Border Collies was born. We will always dedicate our time to those Border Collies that find themselves without a home.

When we bought our farm we started researching what breed of sheep would fit our criteria - smaller in size, good fleece, exceptianal forage capabilities, good mothering, twin/triplet capable, out of season breeding, good meat and good fleece. We soon discovered the Jacob sheep meets our needs. We have really enjoyed them and all of ours will be Jacob Sheep Breeder's Association Registered if possible.



Danikas 1st trail

Danika's 1st Trial


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