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Eclps Whim RI "Whim"

Born 09/13/2011 ~ ABC372910 / AKC DN31827408 ~ Eye Cerfed 11/09/2011 ~ OFA Hips: BCO-11806E62F-VPI ~ Elbows: BCO-EL3480F62-VPI ~ OFA Shoulders: BCO-SH275F62-VPI - normal ~ DNA CEA/CH/DM/I-GS/MDR1/NCL/SN/TNS Normal ~ Med Red tri ~

Whim x Imp. Jamie Litter


Whim caught my eye when she was born. I always wanted a red tri and she was the only one showing true tri markings at birth. The main reason I had such a problem with choosing her was I really wanted a smooth coat but Whim wanted to stay and kept attaching herself to me. So she will stay:) She is already showing great promise for working livestock and has a great off button in the house. So look for her when she grows up in the Stockdog trials, agility ring and rally.

This girl has no fear when it comes to working livestock and will stand down our ram and has been nice working the pregnant ewes and lambs. She is turning out to be a wonderful addition to our farm and has been helping with chores. Whim also love rally obedience and will be taught agility this summer.

11/2016 UPDATE: Whimsy has become our main chore dog, since her momma, Annie, has decided to retire. Whim is enjoying her new job of holding the breeding groups off while I put the hay in the pens. She is great working in the pens with sorting and working with the ewes and lambs. She is great at reading the rams and keeping them back. We are really proud of her. She is heading back into the Rally ring this spring and I am hoping I can get her to a coupld of agility trials. We are also on the hunt for a stud dog that compliments her.

Titles & Achievements

11/16-19/2018 ~ FMKC Rally: We haven't been in the ring in Rally for 6 years and decided to try our hand out in Rally Intermediate to get our feet rewet. We had a blast this weekend:) Whimsy earned a 3rd place 94 under Judge Charles Kline, 2nd place 93 under Judge JoAnna Yund and for her title run she earned a 1st place 98 under Judge JoAnna Yund. What an awesome weekend:)

5/7/18 ~ Whimsy gifted us with 5 puppies starting at 11:55pm - 3 females and 2 males

11/17-18/12 ~ FMKC Rally : We had some really nice moments:) and Whim earned her 2nd leg on Saturday under Judge Patricia Maynard and on Sunday she finished her Rally Novice title with a 1st place Q of 93 under Judge Rick Garvin:)

10/21/12~ TCOTC - Whim earned her 1st Rally Novice leg with a score of 84 under Judge Sara Leonard:)

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