Ram lamb the girls
  Working Border Collies and Jacob Sheep  



11/16-19/2018 ~ FMKC Rally: We haven't been in the ring in Rally for 6 years and decided to try our hand out in Rally Intermediate to get our feet rewet. We had a blast this weekend:) Whimsy earned a 3rd place 94 under Judge Charles Kline, 2nd place 93 under Judge JoAnna Yund and for her title run she earned a 1st place 98 under Judge JoAnna Yund. What an awesome weekend:) She is now Eclps Whim RI

May 7, 2018 ~ UPDATE ~ We breed Whimsy to Imp. Jamie for her only litter and welcomed them into the world today. Whimsy delivered 5 puppies: 3 females and 2 males. All have moved onto their new homes and Lark & Dare stayed here. Lark will be trained in Rally, Agility and Stockdog and Dare will be handled by Danika in Agility and Stockdog work.



April 20, 2013 ~ UPDATE: I took Annie to the Agile Canines NADAC Trial and she finished her NAC title along with earning her 1st TN-O 10 point run.  Since she earned her NAC she now qualifies for BCSA VersatilityJ She is now: V Eclps Ann RE HTADIs NAC TN-N


November 12, 2012 – UPDATE I took Whim to the Fargo Moorhead Kennel Club Rally trial to finish her Rally Novice title which she did:) She is now Eclps Whim RN

October 29, 2012 - UPDATE I took Annie to the Agile Canines NADAC trial this past weekend and we had a blast.  Our teamwork is finally meshing and we took home some nice Qs : 1st place NAC Q and 2nd place NJC Q and one new title her TN-N title: Annie is now: Eclps Ann RE HTADIs TN-N

October 22, 2012 - UPDATE I took Annie and Whim down for a Sunday only Obedience & Rally Trial at TCOTC in Minneapolis, MN:  They did great:) Annie - didn’t qualify but she held her sit for exam, her sit and only lost 6 points on heeling.  We really worked that sit for exam.  But she broke her recall.  So all in all, we had some great personal wins in that run:) Whim - was entered for her 1st time in Rally Novice and was awesome with an 84 for her 1st leg under Judge Sara Leonard.  I am so proud of her:)

August 22, 2012 - UPDATE We had our very first lambs here on the farm so check them out on the Jacob sheep ~ 2012 lamb page.  We also have two Jacob rams for sale at this time.  Victor is a nice 4 horn unregistered who will become dinner if he isn’t sold:)  and Timmy our 1st ram lamb twin who is from our registered  ram Theodin and Lizzy.  He could probably be registered with the JSBA.

March 20, 2012 - UPDATE Annie and Eve went to the Agile Canines NADAC trial for our 1st trial of the year.  Annie ran fast in jumpers, but I kept making mistakes and she didn’t Q, but she did take home her 2nd Tunneler Novice Q:) Eva ran in jumpers and tunnelers and didnt Q in any, but we did see how our training was going.  So all in all not a bad weekend for our 1st time out in a long timeJ


September 13, 2011 - UPDATE: Annie (Eclps Ann RE HTADIs - Tara x Shock 2007) was bred to Danger (HTCH ADCH SR Code Red MX AXJ HXAs TM-B GM SAM RM HTDIIIs HTADIIIs HRDIIIs RLFIIIs) started labor at 4 am.  At 5 am we welcomed into the world our next generation of Eclps Border Collies.  She had 2 males (one Black/White, one Red/White) and 6 girls (one black/white & 4 Red/Whites & one Tri Red/White).  All puppies and mom are doing great:) May 15, 2011 - UPDATE Jenny and Star (Eclps Absolute NA NAJ) earned their first Qs in Open Standard and Open Jumpers in AKC Agility with perfect clean runs!!  Congratulations to a wonderful working team.

March 21, 2011 - UPDATE: We went to the Agile Canines Nadac Trial in Lindstrom MN this weekend.  Saturday we had some personal greats but no qualifiying scores.  So Sunday we were really trying to see what we could do.  Ace was entered in Open Jumpers and earned a 2nd place Q, he also ran in Tunneler's Novice for the first time and earned a 2nd place Q, and he ran in Novice Standard with no Qs.  Annie was entered in Novice Jumpers and we made course time, but no Qs along with Novice Standard & no Qs, but she beat her brother Ace with a 1st place Q in Tunnelers.  Aron was entered in Novice Tunnelers and ran well, but over course time so no Qs.  Oh well, the teamwork was great and so were the personal goals we achieved.  We really need our standard equipment so we can get those contacts down and we need to work on our weave poles. In the South, Star (Tara/ Shock 07 puppy) earned both her AKC Novice Agility titles this weekend and is now: Eclps Absolute NA NAJ ~  Congratulations Star and Jenny:)

January 30, 2011 – UPDATE: We went to the North Star Herding Club Obedience and Rally trial to finished up Ace's CD title and Aron's RE title.  Well Ace's run on Saturday was just beautiful and we earned a 4th place 195 1/2 run under Judge Donna Larson and for his final leg he earned a 187 1/2 leg under Judge Susan Emerson.  He is now: V Eclps Ace RE HTADIs NJC NAJ CD Aron went down to finish his Rally Excellent title and did that with a fun filled run with no walk thru on Sunday with a 1st place score of 90 under Judge Donna Larson.  He is now: Eclps Aron JHD RE Ace's and Aron's titles earned this weekend means we have earned 50 performance or stockdog titles since we started to trial in 2005:) We are very proud of all our accomplishments so far.

January 3, 2011 - UPDATE: We decided to enter in the North Star Herding Group AKC Agility trial for Sunday Novice Jumpers with Ace and Annie.  Well Ace finished his AKC NAJ title with a 3rd place 95 Q under Judge Dan Dege for his title:) Ace is now: V Eclps Ace RE HTADIs NJC NAJ We also entered Annie in for Novice Jumpers and I pissed her off at the start line by leaving her so she pushed my every chance she could get, unfortunately between the two of us we earned to many refusals and NQed.  But she was way under course time and we are proud of our runs this weekend:)

January 1, 2011 - UPDATE: We attended the MN Mixed Breed Club NADAC trial this weekend.  We had a couple of goals in mind.  Finish Ace's NJC title and qualify him for BCSA Versatility.  Get some speed on Annie and go out and have fun.  Take Aron out for Tunnelers and see what he can do.  Well we did all our goals this weekend.  Ace is now: V Eclps Ace RE HTADIs NJC Ace's standard run on Friday was a disaster - he didn't know what contact obstacles were and wouldn't take any of them.  But he finished his novice jumpers title with a 2nd place under Judge Kristy Pearson.  On Saturday: his standard run was phenomenal, but I moved wrong and caused him to knock a bar - NQ, but his jumpers run was a freebie so we pushed the comfort zone and worked at a distance.  He pulled it off with a 1st place run:) Annie was 5 seconds under course time for her Friday Jumpers run, but I pulled her wrong and she dropped a bar.  Her standard run was beautiful, but again I pulled her wrong and she dropped a bar.  Bad Handler.  On Saturday her standard run was interesting to say the least. She was all over the place.  But her jumpers run was beautiful, but we had a little fumble out there and went over course time.  Oh well - there was some beautiful teamwork out there. Aron was entered in Tunnelers on Friday and had a blast just running through the tunnels.  We were a little slow between the tunnels in our team work, but he ran the course and went over course time.  So NQ.  On Saturday he was entered in Jumpers and he just wanted to run.  We had a wrong course, a knocked bar and lots of laughs.  He will be in Tunnelers for sometime to build control:) All in all, we had a blast at the MNMBC NADAC trial:)


November 21, 2010 - UPDATE We entered the Fargo Moorhead Kennel Club show with Annie this weekend to finish her Rally Excellent title.  On Saturday Annie earned her 2nd Rally Excellent leg with a 1st place score of 88 under Judge Randy Capsel. On Sunday Annie finished her Rally Excellent title with a 1st place score of 80 under Judge Catherine Peters. Let me introduce: Eclps Ann RE HTADIs

November 7th, 2010 - UPDATE We decided to head to the BOTC Obedience and Rally trials for one rally trial and two obedience runs.  On Friday Shock finished his Rally Excellent title with a 90 under Judge Mrs. Louise Botko.  Aron was very naughty in the ring and we NQ for what would have been his RE title.  Oh well, there is always another trial out there.  On Saturday I had entered Ace for Novice B and was so nervous I NQed us.  I really need to figure out what to do with a leash in my hands:)  On Sunday, Ace was so distracted we also NQed.  I also came to the conclusion I really don't enjoy regular Obedience.  So we are probably going to drop that from our show schedule:)Let me introduce: Foxhat Shock CGC RE HTADIIs HTADIIIs (HIT)

November 2nd, 2010 - UPDATE The American Kennel Club is offering a new program called the Breeder of Merit.  In order to qualify one has to be active in AKC for 5 years, have put 4 performance titles on dogs the person has bred and own or bred and co-own, member of an AKC Club, and follow all Heath Checks recommended by the breed's Parent Club.  So I am proud to announce I have met all the requirements and I am now a Breeder of Merit.  I am so proud of the work and time I have put into my Border Collies.  We have accomplished so much in such a short time and plan on continuing on the path we have set out with improvements along the way:) I THANK all the people along the way who have helped me achieve my goals:)

October 9th, 2010 - UPDATE We decided to do another one day only Rally trial at St. Paul Dog Training Club in St. Paul.  Annie was entered for the first time in Rally Excellent and earned her first Rally Excellent leg with a 2nd place score of 84 under Judge Karen Anderson.  Aron was having some major issues with concentration, but managed to qualify for his second Rally Excellent leg with a 3rd place score of 79 under Judge Karen Anderson.  So all in all, not bad for a drive down Thursday night and drive back after the trial on Friday:)

September 27, 2010 - UPDATE We have been off most of the summer in Rally and than the show snuck up on us:)  So we didn't get as much practice as we wanted.  But all in all not a bad day out.  Annie finished her Rally Advanced title with an 88 under Judge Debra Schneider and Aron earned his first Rally Excellent leg with a 1st place 93:) Let me introduce:  Eclps Ann HTADIs RA We also finally uploaded some videos of Annie and Ace herding for their 1st time last year and linked them to their webpages.

July 11, 2010 - UPDATE We went to the MAC NADAC Agility Trial for one day, with Annie and Ace running in  Regular Round 1 and 2 and Jumpers.   Both Annie and Ace earned a 2nd place 10 point Qualifing score in Jumpers.  Annie finally made it under course time and was really showing her stuff this weekend.  She actually beat Ace in her time:)  Ace ran just great in Jumpers and really did our team proud. Standard was another thing...  I decided to practice this week with them and that messed our contacts up.  Annie missed her Aframe contact in Reg. Round 1 and took a Tunnel trap in Reg. Round 2.  Ace blew his weave poles in Reg. Round 1 and missed his Dogwalk contact in Reg. Round 2.  So we will review contacts once more and just leave them alone from now on:)  But I am sure proud of our runs this weekend.  We actually may have video of the runs later this week to post.

May 24, 2010 - UPDATE We had a blast attending the MN Mixbreed NADAC trial in Savage, MN this past weekend.  I had entered Ace in Novice Standard and Novice Jumpers both days and Annie in Novice Standard and Novice Jumpers both days.  We did pretty good:) Ace earned his first NAC leg on Sunday with a 4th place qualifying score.  He decided on Saturday he had no idea what contact obstacles on Saturday.  He also for some reason is knocking one bar in his jumpers runs.  So we didn't qualify in those.  But all in all I am very proud of our runs. Annie loves Regular/Standard agility.  She earned her first NAC leg on Saturday with a 1st place qualifying score.  On Sunday the course just didn't feel smooth for us and we had problems, which made us go over course time.  Her jumpers runs are getting faster.  We are now about 0.83-0.11 seconds over course time.  We are slowly getting there:)  All in all, I am very proud of our runs this weekend.

April 26, 2010 - UPDATE Well this was a fun day at our first NADAC Agility trial for the year.  We went to the Agile Canines trial for Sunday only with Shock, Aron, Annie, and Ace.  We sure had fun, but didn't qualify in any run - Oh Well. Annie was entered in Novice Standard and Novice Jumpers.  She ran cleanly through both, but we really need to work on speed with her.  She was .11 seconds over course time in Jumpers.  She had a blast with the Aframe and Dogwalk.  The Aframe she went to the top and sat down with her paws on the downside and her tail wagging back and forth.  I looked at her and called her down while laughing my head off.  The dogwalk she paused in the middle and looked at the Judge and wagged her tail and than continued her Annie trot to the other end.  All in all, I am very proud of her.  Like I said we just need to get some speed on her which will come with more confidence. Ace was obnoxious in Novice Standard, but ran clean.  He was way over course time since he was being so obnoxious.  His jumpers run was perfect.  I haven't ran like that since Tucker was in his prime.  It was fluid, cues were on, he and I moved smoothly and we were coming to the last bar of the course and he knocked it down.  So there was our run, but I am very proud of that jumpers run. Aron was Aron out there.  This was his first time out with only a little practice and he was more interested in everything going on around him versus what we needed to be doing.  So I may pull him for this year and finish his Rally titles and put him in later this year.  He was Aron out there - fun, full of life, and having a blast with himself:) Shock was down in Veteran Skilled Novice Jumpers so he was jumping 12 inches instead of 16 or 20.  Lets just say the lower height didn't help his time.  I ran the long ways around the course and he was still 3 jumps behind me wagging his tail:)  He took everything, but backed jump the first one - so a no Q for him.  But he had fun.  Agility is just not his thing:) But the most important thing is we had a blast, ran our hearts out and just plain had fun.

April 18, 2010 - UPDATE Our first weekend back in Rally went rather well.  We went to the Fargo Moorhead Kennel Club Rally Trial this weekend with Annie, Shock and Aron.  Annie earned her first RA leg with an 86 under Judge Phyllis Fleming and her second leg with a 94 under Judge Lynn Tamms.  Aron NQed for his last RA leg under Judge Phyllis Fleming since I pulled him becasue he refused to pay attention, but came around on Sunday and earned his last RA title leg with a 3rd place 97 under Judge Lynn Tamms. Shock earned a 4th place 91 for his second Rally Excellent leg under Judge Phyllis Fleming, but was way off on Sunday and NQed for the first time under Judge Lynn Tamms. But let me now introduce:  Eclps Aron JHD RA Way to go Eclps dogs for a wonderful time:)

April 6, 2010 - UPDATE We decided to start our agility year out entered in the Fargo Moorhead Kennel Club AKC agility trial this year.  We were entered Sunday only and I took Ace, Tucker and Annie down.  This was Annie's first AKC agility trial and she did rather well.  I took off on her to fast and she dropped the first bar, but otherwise she ended her run with tail wags and bouncing.  So she seems to finally want to play in agility.  Keep an eye out for her this year in NADAC. Tucker was running in Open Jumpers Preferred and he is having some issues with his rear and landing.  So he was not up to par out there.  He was stumbling and having a hard time hearing me.  So I will probably retire him from AKC agility for sure, but may try him in NADAC for a couple of shows if he seems comfortably jumping 12".  So we shall see. Ace was out to get his feet rewet:)  He had a blast and ran a fast, clean and very nice run and earned himself a 1st place leg towards his NAJ title.  He only needs one in AKC to earn his NAJ title.  Way to go Ace man


December 31, 2009 - UPDATE After many months of searching and two months of trying to get everything in line.  We closed on our new house today:) We are now the proud owner of a thirty year mortgage that comes with a 10 acres farmstead, 40 x 60 pole barn, detached garage, and a 2400 square foot house. We are now 3.5 miles from the I-29 Buxton Exit # 118.  So we are now 20 minutes from Grand Forks and 40 minutes from Fargo. Eclps dogs will be very busy this weekend:)

November 15, 2009 - UPDATE Shock, Ace and Aron went to the Fargo Moorhead Kennel Club show to finish up some Rally titles.  We had a wonderful weekend. Shock finished his Rally Advanced title and earned a leg towards his Rally Excellent title.  He is now Foxhat Shock CGC RA HTADIIs HTADIIIs (HIT) Ace finished his Rally Excellent title this weekend with two 4th places.  He is now Eclps Ace RE HTADIs Aron had a rough start on Saturday but turned around on Sunday and earned another leg towards his Rally Advanced title.  He now only needs one.

November 1, 2009 - UPDATE Shock, Ace and Aron went to Bloomington Obedience Training Center (BOTC) to finish up some Rally Obedience titles and possibly finish Ace's Obedience title and I couldn't have been prouder of our boys:) Ace finished his Rally Advanced title and is now Eclps Ace HTADIs RA and earned a leg towards his Rally Excellent title:) Aron finished his Rally Novice title and is now Eclps Aron JHD RN and earned a leg towards his Rally Advanced title. Shock earned two legs towards his Rally Advanced title this weekend.  What a great boy:)

October 12, 2009 - UPDATE Tara and Shock welcomed our 2nd litter of Eclps puppies to our home on Saturday 10/10/2009.  We welcomed 3 females and 2 males.  Females are classic black/white, classic red/white, one mostly white black/white.  Males are classic black / white and classic red / white.  Pictures are on the Tara x Shock 2009 litter page.  Mom and puppies are all doing great.  This will be a Christmas theme named litter.  So we have Holly, Eve, Minnie (the only non-Christmas name), Chris, and Joe.
September 26, 2009 - UPDATE We had an awesome weekend at the 4U Farm AHBA Trial this weekend.  I took up Shock, Tara, Ace, Annie and Aron to finish their titles they started last time.  We had everyone qualify:) So let me introduce the newest titles on the Eclps dogs:

Fox Hat Shock CGC RN HTADIIs HTADIIIs (HIT) (he went High in Trial for both legs)


Eclps Ann RN HTADIs

Eclps Ace RN HTADIs

Eclps Aron JHD

So we now have herding titles on all of our stockdogs and are now working on AHBA HTCH points with Tara and Shock.  YEA:)

September 13, 2009 - UPDATE We had a great weekend at 4U Farm in Winnepeg, MB.  This was a wonderfully run AHBA trial under Judge Shelley Fritzke.  I took Shock for HTADIIIs, Tara for HTADIs & HTADIIId, Ace for HTADIs, Annie for HTADIs, and Aron for JHD.  Well everyone qualified with flying colors:)  Shock not only earned his first HTADIIIs leg with a first place he also went High in Trial for the day and took home a beautiful stock stick.  What a great run.  Tara finished her HTADIs title with a 4th place and by doing that earned her Versatility title under the Border Collie Society of America.  She is now V Ris'nSun Tara CGC PT RE NAJ HTADIs. This wasn't enough for Tara so she took a 3rd place HTADIIId leg too.  Ace also earned his first leg towards his HTADIs title.  Annie earned a leg towards her HTADIs.  For Aron's first time competing on livestock he went for his first leg towards his JHD title. We had a wonderful weekend, met new friends, caught up with some others and just plain had fun.

July 19, 2009 - UPDATE We have been having a rough year when it comes to our shows, but maybe it has finally turned around:) At the Red River North Dog Obedience Club shows, Ace started his Rally Advanced title with a 3rd place 97 under Judge Janice Leach on Saturday and an awesome 1st place 100 under Judge Susan Emerson on Sunday.  What a wonderful run Sunday was:)  It was that perfect run you just dream about:)  On Friday he blew me off in the ring, but turned around after that.  Annie started and finished her Rally Novice title with impressive scores of 97 & 99 under Judge Janice Leach and 80 under Judge Susan Emerson. Annie is now: Eclps Ann RN Way to go Eclps dogs:)

May 19, 2009 - UPDATE Our first weekend back in NADAC agility was very fun:)  I entered Shock to see what he could do and he stayed with me and tried his best - with some training he should do a lot better.  This was Annie's first weekend out in agility and she ran clean, but needs to gain some confidence to run faster.  She didn't qualify since she went over course time.  But all in all she did rather well.  Ace pulled a 2nd place qualifying score on Sunday for his first NJC leg.  Tucker qualified both days to earn his NJC title.  He is now: Wagners Friar Tucker CGC NCC NJC TN-N RE OAJ NJP So we are very proud of our Eclps dogs.  It was so much fun to be back in NADAC agility so look for us doing more trials as we can:)

March 23, 2009 - UPDATE We had a wonderful weekend back in agility at Fargo.  I took Ace and Tucker down for Jumpers.  This was the first time out for Ace in competition Agility and he just learned his weaves this month.  Keeping that in mind - he made only a few mistakes and qualified with a 2nd place Q on Sunday:)  Tucker was blowing me off in Open Jumpers Preferred both Friday and Saturday.  So I was assertive on Sunday and he qualified with a 3rd place Q:)  So all in all not a bad weekend for the Eclps dogs:) I think we are going to try NADAC for a while with Tucker, Shock, Ace and Annie heading out in May.  So watch for us then:)

January 6, 2009 - UPDATE This weekend was full of ups and downs for the Eclps dogs.  Shock, Aron and Ace went to LOL with me and Jay stayed home with a very sick Greta. LOL went awesome: Shock earned his Rally Novice Title on Saturday  is now Fox Hat Shock CGC HTADIIs RN Ace (my home bred boy:) earned his Rally Novice title on Saturday and his first CD leg on Sunday:)  - Eclps Ace RN Aron came springing 6 feet in the air from his crate on Saturday morning and didn't stop until he did three laps at full speed around the yard on Monday night and almost took Jay down - so with many laughs from the Judge, Michelle and me - he was pulled on Saturday.  Maybe in another year he may be ready again:) At home - I left Jay with a very sick Greta - she injured her back a couple of months ago and never really recovered.  She stopped eating and drinking and by Monday with a heavy heart Jay brought Greta to our vet to be PTS.  She is finally pain free and is running with my first dog Cria, many Guinea Pigs whom she loved to sleep with, the Rat pack who she thought were just plain strange, and our first daughter Natty.  Greta was my first agility dog and soon after coming to live with Jay and I glued her self to him and became his fun match dog and a beloved friend.  She always greeted us with a sock and made laundry day interesting.  I have found her stash of socks in the couch, behind beds, in the curtains (I never did figure that one out:)  She could climb anything - washing machine, the fridge, baby gates no matter how tall and was always happy:)  She is missed terribly right now.




September 16, 2008 - UPDATE This was our first weekend out in agility in a very long time.  My goals for the weekend was to finish Tucker's NJP and Tara's NAJ.  WE DID IT:)  Tucker finished his NJP with a 1st place Q:) Tara finished her NAJ with a 2nd place and 3rd place Q:) So let me introduce: Wagners Friar Tucker CGC NCC TN-N OAJ RE NJP (the most titled dog in our house right now:) Rising Sun Tara CGC PT RE NAJ (the most versatile dog in our house right now:) They had some Great runs & Great work!!

September 7, 2008 - UPDATE This was the first weekend out for Shock, Ace and Aron in Rally Novice at the Fargo-Moorhead Kennel Club.  These guys did awesome:) Shock (Fox Hat Shock CGC HTADIIs) earned two legs towards his Rally Novice title with a 4th place 95 and a 1st place 98:)  Way to go Shock!! Ace (Eclps Ace) earned two legs towards his Rally Novice title with two 94s:)  Way to go Ace!! Aron (Eclps Aron) earned two legs towards his Rally Novice title with a 93 & 85:) Way to go Aron!! Great Job Eclps dogs:)

April 6, 2008 - UPDATE This was a great weekend for us:)  At the Fargo Moorhead Kennel Club we finished three Rally Excellent titles:)  We had some very fun runs and some not so great - but qualifying runs:) So let me introduce: Wagners Friar Tucker CGC NCC TN-N OAJ RE - he gave me his last Rally runs and like I promised he doesn't have to do competitive obedience anymore. Wagners Blue Eye Kia CGC CD RE - she finished her Rally Excellent runs with some decent scores. Kia started her Rally career at FM and she earned her RE there. Rising Sun Tara CGC PT RE - she finished her Rally Excellent title with scores in the 90s.  Great job Eclps dogs.

March 10, 2008 - UPDATE This was another great weekend for Eclps dogs.  We were entered in the Wright County Kennel Club trial held at TCOTC and brought home two new titles:) Tucker is now: Wagners Friar Tucker CGC NCC TN-N OAJ RA (he earned his Rally Advanced title on Saturday and moved up to Rally Excellent on Sunday and earned his first RE leg with a 1st place 95:) He has once again let me know he will do Rally for me, but obedience is out for him:)  Oh well... we'll try another time:) Tara is now: Rising Sun Tara CGC PT RA (she earned her Rally Advanced title on Saturday and moved up to Rally Excellent on Sunday and earned her first RE leg with a decent score:) Kia earned her first RE leg with a 4th place on Sunday and only needs two more for her RE title. Way to go Tucker, Tara and Kia we had a blast.

February 25, 2008 UPDATE After spending 6 months off - we came back with a bang:)  Dani and I went to the Minneapolis Kennel Club Obedience & Rally trial hosted at the Twin Cities Obedience Training Center with Tucker, Tara, Kia and Jake.  We left with 7 qualifications and two new titles!! Tucker earned two legs towards his Rally Advanced title. Tara earned two legs towards her Rally Advanced title. Introducing: Wagners Blue Eye Kia CGC RA CD - she finished her CD with a 3rd place score of 182:) Eclipse Black Jake CGC TN-N PT RN - he finished his Rally Novice title with scores of 86 & 98:) Way to go Eclipse Dogs:)  Pictures coming soon.

January 6, 2008 UPDATE After spending 13 weeks in the hospital to bring our new addition into the world - We would like to introduce our 2 legged family member.  Danika was born 12/03/2007 weighing 6 pounds 5 ounces.  She has brought many changes into our lives:)


August 6, 2007 UPDATE Shock and I finished his HTADIIs title in AHBA at the Scandia, MN trial this past weekend. We finished with a wonderful compliment from Judge Becky Beckmann of "Nice work" Shock is now: FoxHat Shock CGC HTADIIs Tara had some great moments, but no Q - we had some great moments and I am sure proud of her for her second time out after maternity leave.  She also earned a wonderful compliment from Judge Becky Beckmann of "Nice Work"

July 9, 2007 UPDATE Tucker, Tara, and Jake ran in the Agile Canines NADAC trial at the Soccerblast in Burnsville, MN.  Tucker finished his Tunnelers Novice title, Tara earned her first Tunnelers leg, and Jake actually listened to me out there and did our team proud.  Tucker is now: Wagners Friar Tucker CGC NCC TN-N OAJ RN

May 30, 2007 - UPDATE Tara bred to Shock had seven healthy puppies on May 28th.  She started at 6:04pm and was done by 8:56pm.  Eclipse Border Collies welcomes our first litter of 3 boys and 4 girls.  Check out the Breeding Plans to see pictures of these babies!!
May 17, 2007 - UPDATE Shock had a wonderful day at our first AHBA trial this year.  He earned the first leg of his HTADIIs and had a wonderful run in HTDIIs, but no qualification (the sheep slipped back through a set of panels and I didn't see them).  We received lots of compliments from the Judge and just plain had a great day. 

March 27, 2007 - UPDATE Tucker had a wonderful two days at the Fargo Kennel Club Agility trial.  On Friday he double Qed with First places and on Sunday he took a 2nd place Q in Jumpers.  He really loves the 16" jump height.  Tucker now needs one more Q for his Novice Jumpers Preferred title and two more for his Novice Standard Preferred.
February 24, 2007 - UPDATE Shock earned his Canine Good Citizen.  Congratulations Shock - way to go. Shock is now: Fox Hat Shock CGC

January 8, 2007 - UPDATE We attended the St. Paul Dog Training Club Rally and Obedience Shows on Thursday and Friday and then attended the Land O' Lakes Show on Saturday and Sunday for three Rally & Obedience Days.  During this weekend we put three new titles on Eclipse dogs and earned legs towards two more.  Jason handled Jake for both of their first times and put two Rally Novice legs on Jake. I handled Kia in novice obedience for the first time and put two legs on her.  While we finished Tucker, Tara and Kia's Rally titles. Tucker is now Wagners Friar Tucker CGC NCC OAJ RN
Tara is now Rising Sun Tara CGC PT RN
Kia is now Wagners Blue Eye Kia CGC RA
What some great runs Eclipse Dogs:)


December 5, 2006 - UPDATE We have a new member of Eclipse Border Collies.  Fox Hat Shock has joined us from Fox Hat Farms owned by Lara Forchuk.  He will be competing in AHBA, USBCHA and AKC Herding along with Agility, Rally O' and Obedience. We want to Thank Lara for this wonderful boy.  He is an asset to Eclipse Border Collies.

November 13, 2006 - UPDATE Tara went to the last herding trial for the year.  She was entered at the Windy Acres American Herding Breed Association Turkey Trot in Northfield, MN for her first leg of the HTAD I Sheep and HTD I Turkeys.  She did very well and pulled a 3rd place qualification in the HTAD and qualified on her first time out on Turkeys:)  Everyone kept telling me the turkeys were really different to work as in they split, charge/attack the dogs, and can be hard to move.  Well they worked like our very stubborn Indian Runner Ducks.  She had a blast and I need to work on reading her and the stock better.  So look for us next year at the Turkey Trot to finish our HTD I Turkeys and our other AHBA title legs.  Thank you Windy Acres for a wonderful trial!!

October 27, 2006 - UPDATE Tucker finished his AKC OAJ title with all three 2nd places.  He had a perfect run for his last one!!  His NA run didn't go as well, since he walked the broad jump.  He just can't seem to have it in him to jump that distance.  So we are now running him in the lower jump height classes in any of his agility trials.  Way to go my Tucker you give it your all:) Wagners Friar Tucker CGC NCC OAJ

October 8, 2006 - UPDATE As of about two weeks ago, AKC has decided to break their association with Petland.  We are not sure if we will compete in AKC after October 22 or not.  It depends on what AKC replaces the contract with - higher entry fees or some other association.    AKC is debating allowing mixed breed dogs in companion (agility, obedience, rally, etc) sports.  If they decided to allow mixed breed dogs to compete;  we may continue our competitions in agility, rally obedience and possibly herding.  The future competitions have not been decided at this point. September 23, 2006 - UPDATE As a result of the American Kennel Club forming an association with Petland to promote all puppies being sold through Petland Pet Stores for AKC Registration and to promote commercial breeders to sell dogs as AKC registered, Tucker will have his last and final agility trial at the FMKC on October 22 and after that we will no longer run in AKC trials or support the American Kennel Club.

August 26-27, 2006 – UPDATE Kia earned her final Rally Novice Q with a 94 on Saturday at the St. Croix Valley Kennel Club and on Sunday earned her first Rally Advanced Q with a 84.  Congratulations Little Kia:) Kia is now : Wagners Blue Eye Kia CGC RN

August 18, 2006 - UPDATE Jake and Tara both ran in their first Herding Trial Dog I (HTDI) course in the American Herding Breed Association.  It wasn't perfect but we got the job done and both qualified.  HTDI equals Herding Started Dog Course A (HSA) in AKC. Congratulations Jake and Tara for a job well done.  We now know what we need to improve on - those pesky straight lines:)

June 26, 2006 - UPDATE Tara and Jake both earned their AKC PT title with flying colors.  The Judges said both were nice dogs and we did a great job working the stock.  Tara is now: Rising Sun Tara CGC PT Jake is now : Eclipse Black Jake CGC TN-N PT Way to go guys we sure had a wonderful weekend:)

May 22, 2006 - UPDATE Tucker, Tara and Jake ran in the Fargo Moorhead Kennel Club agility trial this weekend.  Tucker added another 1st place NA Q.  Tara, at her first agility trial, added a 1st place NA Q and a 3rd place NAJ Q.  Jake added a 2nd place NA Q.  They all ran beautiful and great this last weekend.  We are sure proud of them.

April 24, 2006 - UPDATE Jake and Tara went to their first American Herding Breed Association Trial for their first leg towards their HCT.  We passed with flying colors!!  I even got to scribe for the HTAD and the HTD that day.   Pictures will be on their pages.

April 8-9, 2006 - UPDATE Kia ran in her first Rally trial at the Fargo Moorhead Kennel Club and did very well. She earned a 3rd place Q on Saturday with a 96. On Sunday she earned another Q with a 91!! Way to go Kia for our first time in Rally:)

April 2, 2006 - UPDATE Tara went to the United German Shepherd  Dog Alliance UKC Conformation trial.  She did very good in Breed and held her own in Group with a Group 5 out of 6 Group dogs.  We are sure getting better:)

March 24-26, 2006 - UPDATE Tucker ran in his second AKC Agility Trial at the Fargo Moorhead Kennel Club and did exceptionally well.  He finished his NAJ title in two shows with two 1st places and a 2nd place. He also added two 2nd place OAJ Qs.  Tucker is: Wagners Friar Tucker CGC NGC NAJ Those were some awesome runs!! Way to go Tucker:)


October 21-23, 2005 - UPDATE Tucker ran in his first AKC Agility trial at the Fargo Moorhead Kennel Club and did very well.  He took a 1st place Standard Q on Friday, a 1st Place Jumpers Q on Saturday & a 2nd Place Jumpers Q on Sunday. !!Way to go my Tucker:)!!

October 8-9, 2005 - UPDATE Jake and Tucker each had a wonderful weekend at the Agile Canines NADAC Competition: Tucker finished his Novice Gamblers title on Saturday and got a 2nd place Jumpers Q, Sunday he got a 3rd place Touch-n-Go Q, 4th place Tunnelers Q, and a 1st place Standard Q.  Way to Go Tucker.  Jake finish his TN-N title this weekend with a 2nd and 3rd place Q.  Yea what a wonderful Jake:) Tucker is now: Wagners Friar Tucker CGC  NGC Jake is now: Eclipse Rescue Jake CGC  TN-N

September 6, 2005 - UPDATE Rising Sun Tara showed at the United German Shepard Dog Alliance Show in Eden Prairie MN on September 4th - She got a Group 4 in show 1 and show 2.  Congratulations our little girl!!  She is starting to understand what is happening in the ring and keeping her ears up - She still has to learn to hold a stack for the judges.

August 21, 2005 - UPDATE Wagners Friar Tucker, CGC "Tucker" has earned at his second agility trial in NADAC 2 Gamblers Qs, a 1st place standard Q, and a 2nd place Tunnelers Q.  Way to go Tucker:) Eclipse Rescue Jake, CGC "Jake" has earned his first NADAC 4th place Tunnelers Q. Way to go Jake:)
August 14, 2005 - UPDATE The rest of our dogs have earned their Canine Good Citizens on August 13, 2005.

Wagners Friar Tucker CGC
Eclipse Rescue Jake CGC
Rising Sun Tara CGC

July 30, 2005 - UPDATE Rising Sun Tara went to her 2nd UKC Conformation Show on July 23-24, 2005 in Lake Elmo, MN.  It was hosted by C.A.T.S  On Saturday she went Group 4 in show 1 and Group 3 in show 2 and on Sunday she went Group 4 in both show 1 and 2.  She now has 120 points towards her conformation title and one win with competition.  She still needs 2 more wins with competition to acquire her UKC - Breed Champion.  Way to go my little girl. 

May 7th - 8th, 2005 - UPDATE    Rising Sun Tara competed in her first United Kennel Club Conformation trial on May 7th and 8th 2005 at the United German Shepherd Dog Alliance in Eden Prairie, MN.  On Saturday she placed 1st Place in the 9 to 12 months Class and won Reserve Best Female in Breed.  On Sunday she again placed 1st Place in the 9 to 12 months Class and won Reserve Best Female in Breed.  We had a lot of fun and plan on continuing her training and working towards our Breed title in UKC and then work towards our AKC Breed title. So keep an eye out for us!!