Working Border Collies and Jacob Sheep  

For Sale

Border Collies

We have none for sale at this time. We won't have another litter planned for about 5-6 years.




Feeder Pigs

We bought our American Guinea Hog Gilt this summer and have plans on breeding her for a spring litter. We have a waiting list starting for pig sales. They can be processed here or we will set up a processing date with our processor, Weber's in Reynolds, ND




Jacob Sheep

We will have lambs for sale for fall processing in June for a November process date. We will be figuring out our pricing in the spring. We bring the lambs to Webers in Reynolds for customers and they are responsible for the process fee. We need to be paid by October 31 or you forfeit your lamb to the next person on the list. We will not bring any lambs to Webers for processing with out us being paid. We allow on farm processing as long as the animal is killed quick and humanley. You are responsible for helping clean up.