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Border Collie Types

This information was found by me on the sources listed at the bottom of the page. I find it fascinating that our breed can be traced back to four distinctly different dogs.

Northumbrian Type: The Northumbrian type is based on the Border Collie foundation dog Adam Telfer’s Hemp born in 1894. This type is usually medium-sized with rough coats and very little white trim.

Northumbrian Type

Wiston Cap Type: The Wiston Cap type is based on Wiston Cap. These Border Collies are usually rough coated, with large, blocky heads with the standard white collar, chests, and forelegs. They are known for their tremendous natural outruns and biddable natures.

Winston Cap Type

Nap Type: The Nap type is based on Whitehope Nap. These dogs are usually smooth coated, strong, fast and powerful dogs. They usually have a square outline, since many have longer legs and shorter bodies.

Nap type

A lot of these Border Collies have made up our cattle lines.

Herdman’s Tommy Type: The Herdman’s Tommy type is based on Herdman’s Tommy. These dogs are usually medium-sized, rough coat, with a lot of bone. They usually are black tri known for their good nature, power, but strong-headedness.


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Border Collie Types