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V Eclps Ann RE HTADIs NAC TN-N "Annie"

NADAC (TN-O 10/30, NJC 20/30)

Born 05/28/2007 ~ ABC30990 / AKC DN21115103 ~ Eye Cerfed 1/3/2011 ~ OFA Hips: BCO-7873E25F-VPI ~ Elbows: BCO-EL1583F-PI ~ DNA CEA/CH Normal by parantage ~ Slick Classic ~ carries red, tri & medium coat ~ spayed 2/9/2012

Past Litters: Danger x Annie 2011

Annie is our female from the Tara x Shock 2007 litter and sister to Ace and Aron.  Annie was picked by birth by Jason.   She is trained in Herding, Agility, Rally Obedience and Obedience.  She is a well put together female who has the best from both parents.  So look for her in a couple of years.

2016 UPDATE: She retired as the main chore dog. I may work on her regular obedience title for fun or I may just let her be a couch potato:)

Annie's Accomplishments

AKC Rally: 7/17-19/09  Red River North Dog Obedience Club: Annie started and finished her Rally Novice title with impressive scores of 97 & 99 under Judge Janice Leach and 80 under Judge Susan Emerson.

AHBA Herding: 9/12/09 4U Farm: Annie earned her first HTADIs leg under Judge Shelley Fritzke

AHBA Herding: 9/26/09 4U Farm: Annie finished her HTADIs title under Judge Roy Sage.

AKC Rally: 4/17-4/18/10 FMKC: Annie earned her first RA leg with an 86 under Judge Phyllis Fleming and her second leg with a 94 under Judge Lynn Tamms.

NADAC Agility May 22-23, 2010: MMBC: Annie earned her first NAC run with a 1st place leg under Judge Blair Bloxham.

NADAC Agility July 11, 2010: MAC: Annie earned her first NJC run with a 2nd place leg under Judge Randy Hand.

AKC Rally: 9/26/10: Anoka KC: Annie earned her Rally Advanced title with an 88 under Judge Debra Schneider

AKC Rally: 10/8/10: St. Paul Dog TC: Annie earned her first Rally Excellent leg with a 2nd place score of 84 under Judge Karen Anderson.

AKC Rally: 11/20-21/2010: FMKC:  Annie earned her 2nd Rally Excellent leg with a 1st place score of 88 under Judge Randy Capsel. On Sunday Annie finished her Rally Excellent title with a 1st place score of 80 under Judge Catherine Peters.

NADAC Agility 3/19-20/2011: Agile Canines: Annie earned her first Tunneler's Novice leg with a 1st place Q under Judge Chris Nelson.

NADCA Agility: 3/17/2012: Agile Canines: Annie earned her 2nd TN-N Q with a 1st place.

NADAC Agility 10/27-28/2012: Agile Canines: Annie finished her TN-N title with a 1st place. She also earned her 2nd NAC Q w/ 1st place & 2nd NJC Q w/2nd place under Judge Jeannie Briggers..

NADAC Agility 4/20-21/2013 - Agile Canines: Annie finished her NAC with a 1st place and therefore qualifies for BCSA Versatility and earned her first TN-O qualitying score with a 2nd place Q.

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